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El Spirit (50s)






NameSpiritReal nameMarco Antonio ArzateNicknamesName historyTony Marcus, Spirit, Huracán Ramírez (in films), Neutron (in fotonovelas)FamilyMaestro(s)Birth date, locationOctober 71928 - AngangueoMichoacánObituary dateJanuary 202014Debut, locationLost mask toHeightWeightSignature movesTitles:


Marco Antonio Arzate was a professional wrestled, stuntman, and actor. He was born on October 7, 1928 in Angangueo Michoacán. On Octuber 3, 1942 he went alone to Mexico City. He was dedicated in sports such as basketball, swimming, diving, archery, fencing, and more. Among all the sports he practiced, professional wrestling was the one in which he had more passion. Early in his in ring career he wrestled unmasked as Tony Marcus (also spelled Tony Markus). During 1950s he donned the mask of El Spirit character which could be based on the comic book character created by Will Eisner.
He portrayed Huracán Ramírez in more movies in the action and ring scenes than the other actors who played the character. He was the second wrestler who portrayedNeutron after Wolf Rubinsky. He portrayed Neutron in the fotonovelas and even portrayed Dr. Karonte, Neutron's archnemesis. He was stunt for actors such as Julio Alemán, Joaquin Cordero, and Germán Valdes "Tin-Tan."


He participared in over 50 films during his acting career. The following list includes the Lucha Libre related films
  1. El Misterio de Huracán Ramírez (1962), as Huracán Ramírez in the action scenes
  2. Santo vs las Mujeres Vampiro (1962)
  3. La Venganza de Huracán Ramírez (1967) as Huracán Ramírez
  4. Santo, el Enmascarado de Plata vs los Villanos del Ring (1968) as hitman
  5. La Sombra del Murciélago (1968)
  6. Arañas Infernales (1968)
  7. Santo vs las Mafia del Vicio (1971)
  8. Mofles y Canek, Mascara vs Cabellera (1992)
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